Welcome to Exploring History

Exploring History is an award-winning simulations curriculum, developed and co-authored by Andi Stix, Ed.D. and Frank Hrbek, for teachers of Social Studies and Humanities in grades 5-12.


The program includes a wide selection of book titles, each covering a different period in history and includes many support materials designed to make this an educator's top choice.

Exploring History encourages students to simulate historical events, read historical fiction, write persuasive essays, and analyze primary source documents. If you want to stay abreast of how social media is impacting our schools and see other relevant information and teaching strategies, join our blog to get the most recent posts.

Go to www.exploringhistory.com to learn more:

  • The Philosophy Behind the Program
    Learn about our multiple perspectives, document-based essays, authentic assessments, national standards, flexogeneous grouping practices and more!
  • Why the Program is Unique
    Our goal is to help engage students in simulation, provide differentiation of instruction; and expose students to multiple perspectives.
  • A Sample Full-Length lesson
    Download a sample full-length lesson from The Civil War book that asks students to help President Lincoln choose a general for the Union Army.
  • Book Contents
    We've spelled out the contents of each book title for your convenience.
  • Virtual Tour
    We'll step you through the program, explain the book's organization, the correlation of Activities to NCSS Standard, management and resources, simulations and activities, and much much more!